The Way Out

is a project aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence. Through music and lyrics, our goal is to make those in dysfunctional relationships feel less alone and perhaps find their way out.


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The Way Out

2024-03-01: Event at "Stadshallen" in Lund
On June 8th, we have a unique event at the City Hall in Lund from 1 pm to 5 pm. We will explore the different phases of destructive relationships using literary texts and live music to raise awareness about domestic violence. It will be a unique experience where we blend text and music.
2024-03-01: The song "Vägen Ut" is released!
The song "Vägen Ut" by [D.A.S.T.] feat Sigrid Nilsson and Jonas Carping was released on March 1st on all music platforms. Click here!
2024-01-22: Songs from the project are performed at the Songwriter festival in Lund.
2024-01-06: The Project Vägen Ut starts. An evening in Lund with conversations with authors, mingling and live music.

The project background

The background of this project stems from our own experiences with domestic violence. Recognizing the need to assist others in vulnerable situations, we - Stina Willquist, author and songwriter, and Danne Falck, songwriter, and producer - decided to use our talents to contribute to a world of compassion and the solidarity.

The objectives of the project are:
-Create music to make individuals in or having experienced dysfunctional
relationships feel less isolated.
-Provide knowledge about domestic violence and foster a sense of community
through various events.
-Establish a platform where people can share their experiences.

We collaborate with:
Nationellt centrum för kvinnofrid
Kvinnojouren i Lund
Lunds kommun


The Way Out - Stinas story

A friend and I traveled to Tenerife, and what began as weeks of sunshine, beach, parties, and new friends ended in bruises and a desire to die. This is my story, the tale behind the song "Vägen Ut".
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An anonymous womans story

This is a story about my life in Skåne during the 80's. The story is a chapter in a book I have written, but not yet published. The book is called The Special Teacher.
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Filips story

She noticed things about me, paid attention to me like no one had before. She remembered details that made me happy. With subtle, small changes, the details turned into control that escalated into both mental and physical abuse. (This movie is in Swedish).
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Charlottes story

My name is Charlotte Strååt, and this story is a part of my life, the way I lived it, the way I experienced it. If you want to know more, to read more, you will find more details in my book which will soon be published. I also give lectures where I talk about my journey as a co-addict of an addicted and abusive person.
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